Manicures and Pedicures

Body and mind connected

Delux Manicure

Treatment includes: nail file/shape,cuticle tidy,buff,paraffin wax heat treatment,hand and arm massage and polish.

About Paraffin wax:

Paraffin wax soothes and moisturises the skin and is particularly good for dry,cracked skin.The wax is applied to the skin and is then wrapped in plastic and left to soak into the deep layers of the skin for 15 minutes whilst feet/hands are in heated mitts/booties. The use of paraffin wax therapy can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire.The Romans would pour hot wax on the body in preparation for massage therapy.Later,the french embraced paraffin therapy by melting paraffin wax and spreading it onto wounds to accelerate healing. Today,paraffin therapy is used to aid in treating the following conditions: Arthritis,Bursitis,psoriasis,fatigued muscles,eczema,inflammation,scar tissue. Paraffin wax increases blood supply to the area being treated,traps moisture from underlying layers of the skin,resulting in beautifully rejuvenated and nourished skin.


Delux Manicure: £15.00

Mini manicure (includes buff, cuiticle work, file and polish): £8.00

Gelish nails

Gelish will give you a high intense polish, that will give you weeks of chip free, perfect nails. Long lasting and durable with freshly polish look that will last and last. Gelish is also kind to your nails, helping to protect them and encourage growth.


Gelish nails: £10.00

Delux Pedicure

Soothing foot bath,exfoliation,file and shape,cuticle tidy,paraffin wax heat treatment, footh and ankle massage and polish.


Delux Pedicure: £20.00

Mini Pedicure (includes buff, cuiticle work, file and polish): £8.00