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I offer a variety of hair dressing services,including cutting,colouring and styling. All can be carried out following an initial consultation to determine your needs/requirements.

Hair prices:

Occassional hair up trial: £15.00

Occassional hair up on the day: £30.00

Cutting prices:

Ladies trim: £15.00

Ladies restyle: £25.00

Men's cut:£10.00

Children (under 16): £7.00

Hair styling prices:

Hair straightened (short hair/long hair): £5.00/£8.00

Curled with curling tongs (short hair/long hair): £7.00/£10.00

Hair set with rollers (short hair/long hair):£9.00/12.00

Hair up: From £20.00

Hair Colour:

Short hair 1/2 head: £25.00

Short hair full head: £40.00

Long hair 1/2 head:£40.00

Long hair full head: £55.00

Wedding hair

Hair is one of the main features that sets your overall style. Whether you want your hair swept into an elaborate chingnon, or a natural style with soft waves tumbling down, curly, straight, half up, half down, all can be achieve.

Wedding Hair prices:

Bride trial: £20.00

Bride on the day: £50.00

Bridesmaid trial: £15.00

Bridesmaid on the day: £35.00

Mother of the bride trial: £15.00

Mother of the bride on the day: £35.00